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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel & Tank design and details.
Boiler and Heat Exchanger details and assemblies.

Ampol Distillation Column

  • Kimberly Clark Duplex Stainless Steel Digester Vessels
  • A.N.I. Engineering
  • Ampol Oil Distillation Column details
  • Petrochem Industries
  • BP Oil Distillation Column design and details
  • Petrochem Industries

Skid Filter Vessel

  • Skid mounted filter vessels and receivers
  • Various Oil & gas projects

Slurry mixing tank with steam heating coil

  • Tanks, Sumps, Hoppers, for collection, storage, and mixing of liquids, slurries, wet and dry products
  • Various projects each with specific requirements

A John Thompson Package Boiler

  • Steam Generator details
  • John Thompson Package Boilers
  • Water Tube Boiler Details
  • John Thompson Package Boilers
  • Waste Fuel Boiler details
  • A.N.I. Engineering

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