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WesternMiningCorporation, QLDFertilizersLtd, Phosphoric Acid Plant constructed at Phosphate Hill, QLD
Following our successful association with the AMC Magnesium Pilot Plant, Centaur Mechanical Design was selected by the ABB-Clough joint venture to provide isometric piping details for the WMC Qld Fertilizers Ltd Phosphoric Acid Plant project. The process design was provided by MES. wmc site

Our agreed role was to provide isometric piping details for all main plant area piping as per the design layouts, however, project developments and scheduling changes meant that we also had to carry out much detailed checking and cross referencing of vendor data on the run while creating each isometric detail. wmc plant

Due to the aggressive nature of most of the piping contents, the materials of construction were of vital importance and provided us with many special requirements to contend with. Materials included Ferralium 255 up to DN750, Fibreglass piping (FRP) up to DN1300, Rubber Lined Carbon Steel up to DN1250, as well as standard grades of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and PP plastic piping. wmc cooling

Our role expanded to include piping isometric details for auxiliary areas to the main plant including Cooling Towers and Rock Slurry Filtration Areas. wmc piping

Some late design changes and developments as the project team wound down meant that we were asked to provide extended services with design layouts, pipe support details and SP item data sheets, as well as isometric piping details being provided for the Dry Stacking Area at the discharge end of the plant. wmc ga

In all, 730 isometric details were produced on our own add-on CAD piping package. As well as standard symbology, this package uses specification and materials data bases to provide consistent Bill of Materials on each drawing and electronic BOM output. All of our isometrics were fully checked, as this is an important part of maintaining our quality standard. wmc iso

This successful project has been by far our largest task to date and we hope that we can offer the experience gained on this project to our future clients.

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